• We propose an AI-driven awareness framework to create symbiotic self-adaptive InfoVis systems, governed by both computational and socio-affective processes to engineer novel forms of consciousness.
  • We define an integrative approach and propose a specific implementation of our framework (TRL 4).
  • Our framework supports decision making in situation/time-sensitive tasks and novice-to-expert transitions.

A bit of background

Information overload is the by-product of information over-exposure and input abundance which, nowadays, has become an aggravated phenomenon. Simply put, when presented with a large array of options, users are at a higher risk of experiencing impeded cognitive functioning, which may reduce their capacity to perform effective decision making, derive meanings, and gain insights, especially in situation- and time- sensitive contexts.

The SYMBIOTIK project will lay the basis for an interaction dialogue between Human and InfoVis systems to support decision making processes, inspired by known biological principles and guided by Artificial Intelligence. More concretely, it proposes a novel framework where both the human and the machine cooperate towards a common goal and evolve together. The framework will allow us to engineer more sophisticated intelligent systems, making them more resilient and more human-centric.

The project is coordinated by Prof. Luis Leiva at the University of Luxembourg, along with Mr. Michalis Vakalellis, AEGIS IT Research GmbH, Prof. Jean Vanderdonckt, Université catholique de Louvain, Dr. Ioannis Arapakis, Telefónica I+D, and Mr. Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, Sphynx Analytics Ltd.